Andrée Wallin is a director and concept artist working mainly with feature films and commercials. In 2013 he started creating his own IP's and is currently developing a project entitled STATE ZERO together with Infinite Entertainment and his own company, Number 81 Entertainment. Andrée is represented by WME.

For concept art inquiries, please contact:


20th Century Fox  USA
Atlas Entertainment  USA
Against All Odds  SWE
Axis Animation  UK
Blur  USA
Dare Productions Limited  UK
Digital Domain  USA
ImagineFX  UK
InXile Entertainment  USA
Jim Henson Co.  USA
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM)  USA/UK 
Legendary Pictures  USA
Lucasfilm  USA
Method Studios  USA
Milford Film & Animation  SWE
Moving Picture Company (MPC)  UK
Persistence of Vision  USA
Radical Publishing  USA
RealtimeUK  UK
SMA-Studios  UK
Universal Pictures  USA 
Visual Art  SWE
Warner Bros.  USA

Selection of Projects

Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Feature film (Disney)
Concept Art, Pre-vis art

State Zero
Short film
Director/Writer/Producer, Production Design

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Feature film (Disney)
Concept Art, Pre-vis art

Halo 4
Live Action Trailer (Method Studios)

Feature film (Universal Pictures)
Concept art, pre-vis art, promotional art

Feature film (Legendary Pictures)
Pre-vis art